Technical Information

I use​...

  • Up to 4x 4K HD Cameras

  • 3 Axis Gimbal (steady cam, great for movement)

  • 2.3m Jib (crane, for height)

  • Slider (for panning shots)

  • Monopod (for speed of set up and grabbing candid shots in a dynamic environment)

  • Professional Tripod (for rock steady shots)

  • External Ultra HD 4K recorder (for amazing depth of colour data - enabling detailed editing)

  • 2x Go-Pro style action cameras (for fun shots and water)

  • 16 track professional portable digital multitrack audio recorder 

  • Lots of microphones (dynamic mics, condenser mics, large and small diaphragms for all instruments and scenarios, lavalier microphone for interviews etc.)

  • Professional Editing Software


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